Character Generation

Please remember to check the Council of Thieves Player’s Guide before creating characters. (If this link does not work, a copy can be found in the files section of the Yahoo Group.)

Character Sheets
I’m happy for you to use whatever you feel is best and which you prefer.

4d6 and drop the lowest. Allocate to whichever stat you wish. Then apply the necessary race/class bonuses. (I’m a trusting guy and I know you’re not going to cheat and re-roll a score that is too low or you don’t like… So please don’t.)

Whatever you want – but remember there are no evil characters allowed. There must be a valid reason why your character [a Drow, for example, or a Duerger] would not be evil if you chose such a one.

Core classes preferred, but, with DM approval, any class that the DM has ready access to can be allowed. Links to online resources, such as are considered ready access.

Two, though selecting one from the afore-mentioned Player’s Guide is strongly suggested.

No evil alignments allowed.

The game starts at 1st level. You get the maximum gold for your class to equip yourself. Sorry, no bequeathed items or family heirlooms allowed. You only get what your coins can afford…

Hit Points:
Maximum hit points at 1st level. Subsequent levels require a roll (though 1s can be re-rolled). As with attribute points, I’m trusting you to come clean with the actual rolls you make for these.

A description of where, when, why, who and what made him/her into the adventurous soul they are today. They can have come from anywhere and done anything to get where they are… They just have to have a strong reason to see change in Westcrown and Cheliax. As always this is more important than rolling the dice at this point. It’s what it’s all about…

Give it a couple of paragraphs, more if you wish [that’d be even better! :)].

It is possible your character will know other characters prior to the adventure start. Or they may not. This isn’t cast in stone. And it’s entirely up to you. You may even want to, in conjunction with other players, work out some back-story that explains any prior interaction between specific PCs.

Regular. I like my games to be quick-flowing so it would really help if you are able to post no longer than every two days…

Posting Style:
Regular text

Just stick a ‘new’ against the character name to indicate the new piece of text you’ve just written. Look at the site if this doesn’t make sense. It will quickly become clear what I mean.

Please, please, please use a spell checker in your text editor of choice.

Character Generation

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