Venythariel “Vern” Nuemhyrra


Venythariel — rather, Vern, as she has come to name herself — bears the typical hallmarks of her kind: the large irises; the lean bone structure; the long, tapering ears; and the slender frame. What further defines her, however, are the arresting colour of her almond-shaped eyes — a starburst of jade at the centre, with slivers of paler colour graduating outwardly. Her skin tone leans more toward a creamy, olive hue; her mouth, generous. At first glance, her hair and heavy eyelashes could be black, but only in the sense that a magpie’s wing might be, for there is an iridescence in the light that lends it depths of green and violet. Her hair falls below her shoulders, and is usually worn in some practical style, although it is cut at the front in a side-swept fringe. Beads and other decorative items are occasionally held in braids. In the odd circumstances her tresses are worn freely, her locks are largely straight, save for ripples from midway to the ends.

She has the build of a taller individual, although unusually, she falls short of elvenkind’s average; she is of a middling sort of height, 5’4. She usually dresses in a lightweight assortment of leather, chainmail, wool, and cloth, favouring earthy shades. A fur-trimmed hooded cloak of grey affords her some degree of protection from the elements. Her needed equipment is usually kept in pouches or other cases that are held easily close to her person, and she usually carries at minimum a bow, two swords, a long dagger, and a dagger in her boot, none of which are of any particular make.

Her voice carries the musical, lilting cadence typical of elves, her accent shaped by having come from outside the city. She is perhaps a mezzo-soprano, with a rich, liquid depth.


Venythariel “Vern” Nuemhyrra

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