Vengrim Blacktongue


Vengrim stands around the four foot mark depending on how his explosion of salted black hair fares against the weather. Bearded and unkempt, he sports none of the classic raiments used by dwarven kind to coif. The hair around his mouth bears none of the salty coloring found elsewhere, and his lips, and teeth, and tongue (should you be unfortunate enough to encounter it), are all stained black over the natural pigments. He often chews upon a root or leaf of some sort and has the delightful tendency to spit, more often than most would like no doubt.

He is a block of flesh, though sporting more on the paunchy lower half than the upper, encased in well worn layers of brown cloth and leather straps. Tarnished silver fixtures are the only indication of color aside from his weathered and amber hued skin.

His smell shall only be touched upon briefly to receive the label ‘shambling tavern’.

In direct contrast to his appearance, Vengrim’s speech is intelligent and engaging, although he certainly has taciturn elements from his lineage. His carriage and bearing bely his underpinnings as a vagrant, but his actions and skills tend to reinforce the transient rumors that surround him.

To the street observer, Vengrim bears no visible display of items or weaponry of note. Those that interact with him on a more regular basis come to know his familiarity with daggers, hammers, or crossbows if the situation warrants.


Vengrim Blacktongue

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