A creature most comfortable in the shadows... and it shows.


He’s grey. Which is to say, his clothing – which favors all-encompassing cloaks that hide his features and his own studded leather – is grey, his skin tone is grey, his (pupiless) eyes are grey, his hair is grey. Heck, even his HORSE is grey. It’s like something sucked all the color out of him, and, through him, his surroundings.

He favors short swords (blackened, but as you might guess, instead they’re grey), and bears a shortbow made of leadwood (which, as you might expect, is, in this case, grey).

When Gee speaks, it tends to be very quietly. It’s not that he doesn’t project his voice… okay, actually, it’s exactly that. When he moves, he tends not to draw attention to himself, and it doesn’t look like it’s something he does consciously – he’s just stealthy by nature.



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