Abhas, of House Semafyre


Male human, about 6’1", about 195 lbs, average build
Light brown hair; fair-skinned; piercing, insightful, skeptical brown eyes
About 23 years old
Wears a short beard and mustache
Charismatic when it suits; particularly strong force of will; both deftly wielded; business-minded; can be intimidating
Moderately well-connected within the nobility of Westcrown; fluent in the Houses of Cheliax

Within the city, Abhas wears finer clothes befitting his station, without being ostentatious. He carries a stout and darkly polished club on his belt, carved and shaped with a claw-gripped knotted-sphere head; it’s typically hanging from behind his left hip on his belt in a partial sheath that keeps it from swinging too freely. A couple of belt-sheathed daggers and a shouldercloak, and he’s about the city.

In circumstances entailing risks of a different sort, Abhas wears fine studded leather armor and a buckler on his right forearm and adds a crossbow bolt sheath on his right hip, with a light crossbow slung across his back.


Abhas, of House Semafyre

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